the story of mandey and chikezie : part 1

I was inspired by reading Mandy's story of how she met her husband and thought I'd share a little bit about how I met mine!

Ours is not a story of blind dates, of chance meetings, or of rekindling old romance. Ours is mostly a story of two drunk college kids finding each other in a bar, and then falling hard. It's just a plain ole story of two people falling in love.

It was October 2005, I was a junior in college. Fall is such a good time of year in Iowa. College football, beautiful weather, and I was about to turn 21. I hadn't really had any long term relationships at this point in my life...ever. I'd casually dated a couple guys here and there in college but never found someone on the same page as me. 
Almost 21 year old Mandey with my roommate, and friend since middle school, Cody.

I was definitely full swing in my party stage, having the time of my life. (If you know about the University of Iowa, you know that when I was in school, you could get into bars under 21. Like we weren't going to drink?) There was one bar in particular where all the underage kids went, and it just so happened that there was this really good looking guy always at the door. 

One day, shortly before I was to turn 21, I must have been feeling particularly awesome (and drunk) that I had enough courage to stop him as he was making his way through the bar. I grabbed his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Mandey." He said, "Hey, I'm Chikezie" (probably a little taken off guard by my forwardness.) I don't know what we said after that, but it was only a minute or two and we exchanged numbers right there. Boom. I'm good. And I had no idea what his name was because I mean, how often do you hear someone tell you their name is Chikezie? Like, never. I pretended to type his name into my phone like I totally knew what was going on. The next day I really struggled to remember who "xxzyzy" was in my phone.

I somehow managed to remember his name, and added him on facebook. You know, what you do when you're in college and just met someone once. I was really good at stalking. We started chatting almost daily on facebook and I'd stop by the bar whenever I was out to 1. show my friends how hot this guy was that I was talking to and 2. drunkenly make an ass of myself while attempting to not awkwardly flirt with him.
I could I not? Look at that hottie. 

This continued for a couple of weeks. We started bonding over our love of stupid movies (and knowing all the quotes). He was hilarious. I think that's what drew me to him, he was just a hot, funny guy. We had the same sense of humor and always had something to joke together about. And he was just straight up honest. No game playing or treating me like he didn't care (like a lot of college guys do). After 2 weeks one day he just straight told me, "I'd be honored to call you my girlfriend." I mean. How do you say no to that?

And that was it. I knew I loved him, and told him so after about a month of dating. He was my first love, and I knew it right away. *Cue relationship photos montage*

We allowed each other freedom to go out on our own with friends which sometimes doesn't happen in new relationships. I had girlfriends who started dating a new guy and we'd never see them again. I never wanted to be that girl, and he understood my need for independence. I clicked with his friends, and mine all loved him. We were silly together, and just slowly grew to love each other more and more each year.

It just worked.

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