mama mandolin home tour: living room

I've been asked by a lot of friends and family over the past few months to give a home tour of our beautiful rental home. We really lucked out finding it, after searching for months for a home we really wanted to stay in. I know it's just a rental, but we're really tired of moving. Being married to a web designer, he craves places that are inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. Me? I can make even the cheapest dump feel homey. (And I have!) We have found a good balance, I think. 

I've been waiting and waiting to do this "home tour" until everything felt done. But the truth is, we're both creatures of change...nothing is ever done! We're only happy with something for a few months and then want to try out a new look, move something here, hang something there. 

So I give you- our living room. Please note, it's not always picture perfect. (Most people's homes are not.) But I'm not giving you a home tour in a messy home :)
chairs: Funky Furniture // end table: Target // shelves: ikea 
The main living are in our home is mostly windows and fills the rooms with nature and light. In the back left corner, you see the front door. Out the windows on the right is the back yard. Behind this gray wall is the kitchen. We keep a mixture of the boys' toys (in the basket) and books on the shelves. 

pillow & clock: Target // globe light: Ikea // art: Jolby
table: etsy // sofa: funky furniture // pillows: Hammer and Fox // rug: ikea // afghan: etsy // storage ottoman: i have no idea
tv stand: funky furniture // faux deer taxidermy: etsy // shelves: ikea // owl lamp: west elm // arrows print: jolby // family drawing: the paper mama
We fell in love with the tv stand, which actually isn't a tv stand but a buffet/credenza of sorts. We knew we'd be able to use it for years to come, it's such a beautiful piece of furniture. It's also high enough to keep litte hands away from the tv, which was important. There's lots of storage for movies, gaming stuff for Chikezie, even some of the boys' toys. 

To the right of the tv, my little succulent collection next to the window that gets the most sun.To the left, the boys' toy area. I've thrifted old suitcases over the past few years and we use them to hold toys/puzzles etc. We didn't want their toys to over take our home, i feel this little corner is a good compromise. 

My favorite part of the living room. We were lucky to find such a unique home, full of windows and light. Although it's pretty cold in here in the winter, and I'm about to start sewing some temporary curtains for the windows for the summer. Thankfully, the bay area temperatures aren't too extreme and some curtains will hopefully keep the bright sun from heating our home up too much in the warm summer months.

Finding a style that suits both Chikezie and I was a little difficult. He has a great eye, and likes things to be symmetrical and match coherently. I have an eclectic, quirky style that peeks through with the owls, bright throw and pillows. It really was a struggle agreeing on some things but after years of living in small apartments, we were so happy to be able to actually pick out our first pieces of furniture for an actual home. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour! Let me know if you have any questions about anything you see, and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to show you some more of our home :)