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Sorry it's been a little bit slow around here this week. It may be this way for the next couple of weeks, there's just a lot of busyness happening around here. Spring and summer tend to do that, get us out of the house, get us moving and keeping us busy.

This weekend I worked outside all day, both days.

I planted a mini garden in a small space next to our driveway. Our landlord told me he hadn't been able to get much to grow here, I'm determined to prove him wrong! I mixed Sure Start fertilizer in, hand tilled up all that soil and then added some nutrient rich soil from the nursery. Crossing my fingers that was enough. I planted some beans, carrots, tomatoes and transplanted some strawberries I'd planted in the back that weren't getting enough sun. Later I added some mulch, hopefully it'll help this super dry soil to retain some water, and it just looks better than this dirt. I also got a cute little border fence at Home Depot to keep it all looking nice. It's in the front of the house, so I'd like it to look clean. 

So far, 4 days later, everything is still alive and looking good!

Since I learned the hard way that our backyard just doesn't get enough consistent sun to grow many veggies, I scrapped what I had going on back there and got some pretty bush/shrubs and annuals to fill in while they grow. I added some mulch to cover all the open dirt and I'm pretty proud of it. These will grow to be about the size of the other flowering shrubs, enough to cover the ground and keep a pretty maintenance free back yard. So far, everything is still growing! 

It's been fun letting the boys "help" me "pwant fwowas". They like digging in the dirt (especially Julian) and Isaiah has been really into helping me water everything this week. I'm hoping it's a little bit of an opportunity to expand on words, get them talking, maybe teach them a thing or two. We talk about how the plants are thirsty for water just like they're thirsty for water, and that they need a drink so they can grow big. I don't think the boys quite understand that our garden will have vegetables until they can actually see them. 

I've so much enjoyed doing yard work. Growing up on a farm, helping my mom with the gardens we always had growing up, this all just feels natural to me. We've lived in apartments until this point, I'm so thankful we have the space, and an awesome landlord who lets me plant things!

Are any of you guys gardeners? Have any tips for me!?

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