Filoli Gardens {San Francisco Bay Area family outing)

My sister in law came up from Santa Barbara for a visit this weekend and we always try to go do something fun while she's here. This weekend we decided to hit up Filoli Gardens and well, gorgeous. The place is insanely beautiful and I secretly wish I owned it and had a fence to put around it and then just let the boys run around the forest all day knowing they were probably somewhere out there and burning off all their energy. That probably sounded bad. 

But really, if you live in the Bay Area, you really need to go here. You can even get a yearly pass to go as often as you'd like, as there are different things blooming each season. The boys really enjoyed running around outdoors and every direction you turn is another beautiful garden. I really just had to aim and shoot with my camera (we had our hands full trying to keep the boys from running away) and was pleased when I got home that all the quick shots came out so nicely. I really didn't edit much, just a little contrast and exposure here and there. Like I said, this place is amazing. 

And so now, massive photo dump of pretty.

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