who do we think we are? my thoughts on marriage equality

I'm not afraid to post about my feelings on marriage equality. I don't have much to say on it but I'm not afraid to say it. Not many years ago, people, our grandparents/ generation, were making some of the exact arguments against interracial marriage as so many are making against marriage equality today. 

They said it was a "slippery slope", that what would stop us from allowing polygamy? What about minimum age requirements for marriage? Or incestuous marriage? Allowing people of color to marry whites was a slippery slope, for sure to lead to the corruption of society as a whole. It was just plain dangerous.

They said, "think about the children!" They said the children of interracial marriages would be called victims, be made fun of. They said these children would be robbed of something they deserved, and needed. The children of interracial marriages would never fair as well as those in white only households.

They argued that interracial marriage was against God's will. That it was just somehow, unnatural. Miscegenation was immoral. 

I can't imagine not being able to marry the person I loved. The person I wanted to have a family with, to wander this life with. I can't imagine someone telling me it was immoral and unnatural. That my children's lives would be troubled.  I mean, I know a lof of you out on the other side of this screen are married, have children. Really think about the happiest day of your life, the meaning behind it. You didn't even have to think twice about who you'd want to marry once you found them, you planned your wedding day, got your official marriage license, maybe went on a honeymoon. You are bound by love and law. 

Even today, we've dealt with our fair share of judgement and opposition. (Not a fraction of what we would have dealt with then, thankfully.) It hurts my heart to think of other couples, wanting to have the freedom to marry who they choose, going through the thick of it right now...not 40 years after. 

I want everyone to be able to marry who they want to spend forever with, for their union to be legally bound and recognized. I want those people to work through those first years of marriage that are so difficult and fun and full of so much growth. Who are we to say they can't? No, really. Who do we think we are? 

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  1. Took the words right outta my mouth. My husband and I think this same thought when we think of our marriage- what if we were told NO? I love this post.