the day i've been dreading for months...

We started potty training this morning. The boys show signs of readiness, they can say pee-pee, potty, poo-poo. Pull pants on and off (mostly). Let me know when they poo in their diaper. Who knows if they're REALLY ready unless you try. The speech issues make our situation complicated. The twins issue makes the situation complicated. The fact that preschool would GREATLY benefit their speech is a huge motivator, and they need to be potty trained for preschool. 

My plan: Naked or undies only from waist down. M&M's for reward and happy face sticker for a potty chart when they go. Pull-ups for outings and bed.

Julian: Now tells me "no" for everything. He didn't want underwear. Sat on the potty and watched a movie this morning. When he actually had to go, he stood up dancing around, screaming. I sat him back on the potty, hugging him and holding him there. He continued to scream and peed a little. Then stood up and peed the rest on himself while whining. This happend twice more this morning. After that he didn't want anything to do with his potty (they both won't sit ont he big toilet either). When he has to go...there is no reasoning or reward good enough. NOTHING. 

I finally once put the potty in his stream while he was going and let him experience some of the success with peeing in the potty. The next time I caught him going while standing, I ran to get the potty for him, and instead of him running away from me saying no, he came toward the potty, stood over it and did his best to get it all in. 

Before nap, he freaked his freak out when I put pull-ups on him. (But nude wasn't an option for bed. And I'm not busting out any diapers.) So that was this morning.

Isaiah: Didn't want underwear. Sat on the potty most of the morning. First pee was while Julian was freaking out. He stood up afterward and said pee-pee. Then an accident while I was dealing with Julian's 2nd freak out. After that he preferred to stay on the potty. I caught him going the 2nd time, and when he stopped I asked if he had anymore. To which he pushed more out. So he's kind of getting it. He peed in the potty once more after that. 

He threw a huge crazy tantrum when Julian got M&M for peeing and he hadn't gone again to get a reward. I decided it was nap time. He had a melt down that I'd rank in the top 3 of his meltdowns. I had to force the pull ups on him (As nude isn't an option).

And so that's where we are. They're napping now. I'm hoping the afternoon is slightly less freak-out-ish. I have a full load of towels to wash after all the messes this morning. I really thought about giving up after Julian's first freak out but am determined to make it a week and reassess then. 

I've kind of learned so far that most people's advice isn't working haha. I think the boys are just going to teach me how to do this our own way. They don't give a crap about being a big kid. They want what  they want. There are no fun games, songs, tricks. We're just going to figure this out our own way. 

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