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I posted on Friday about taking photos of yourself and since then I have a few more thoughts on the subject.

The standards we live by in this society are so ambiguous and double sided. Showing the world a photo you took of yourself is automatically received as vain. I can agree, there is some part of posting a nice photo of yourself that enjoys the compliments you receive. What human doesn't appreciate a compliment? But if those photos were taken by someone else, or with someone else in the photo? Not a second thought. Even if you crop out the other person, the reaction is totally different. What if you post self photos of yourself making silly faces or dressed funny or on a vacation? Again, not even a second thought.

I think it's a little more commonplace in the blogging world to have self portraits. Over time, we've all gotten more comfortable with it, we see it more often. But what about everyone else? How do they feel about it? Some of my friends and family think blogging is a joke. That it's a strange or funny hobby. I can understand how people would feel the same about self photography. 

Maybe it's when you act like you CARE about what you look like, you're considered vain. You know, when you're being honest. When you upload a flattering photo you took of yourself, it's totally vain, right? Because it's not like every single human on earth cares what they look like and wants to look their best, right? No? Oh we all care. I forgot. But if we act like we care, if we're honest about it, we're vain, strange, selfish, into ourselves. That makes sense.

I take photos of myself because nobody else does. I'm important, this time in my life is important. How I see it, how I see myself right now are all important. I take photos of myself, whether with a nice camera or with my iphone because I like to. I like to go back and look at myself a year ago. Who was that girl? Look where she's come. I share them with you all because I want to. I want to encourage others to not be so critical of themselves. I want you to not take life so seriously. 

Also? I'm a bit of a loner these days. I have only a couple of real-life friends within visiting distance that I can actually see. The rest of them are all over the country. So if friends can't see the real-life me, they can at least see the internet me....and feel a little bit less like we haven't seen each other in years. I wish all my friends had blogs and took photos of their lives, themselves. 

This blog has been my sanity over the last 3 years. I've made some amazing lifelong friends, which is kind of the beauty of this blog. It attracts those who are like me, who can relate. And with some of those people blossom some amazing real-life bonds. Does everyone get it? No. Do they have to? Not really. I guess it's not really in my concern those who judge (and shouldn't really be of anyone's concern.) If we're honest, the best people shine through in our lives and the rest is all just background blur.

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