potty training twins - how I did it.

We're about 1 week past our fist day potty training and I think we've got it down. Well, I think we got it down pretty quickly. I've decided to take it all slowly at first, getting the boys through each new stage together. 

So far we have down day time peeing in the potty. Next on the list:
- Actually catching a #2 in the potty. It's been in their pull ups or we've caught an accident a little too late a couple of times.
- Learning to go on the actual toilet. They're both cool with flushing it, not with sitting on it. And to accomplish our next goal, we'll need to be able to go on the toilet.
- Being able to leave the house without a pull up. (They'll need to be able to go on the toilet for this!)
- Nap time without a pull up.
- Night time without a pull up.

When I write it all out, it really seems like we have a long ways to go but I think the hardest part is done. Here are some of the things I've done so far, some tips, some things I've learned.

* M&M for bribing. We started out as M&M's for potty every single time. Now, after a week, I only give them one if they remember to ask me. Sometimes I even bribe them to sit on the potty in general for an M&M. It works, so I use it.
* I had a sticker board for them to put a sticker up for each potty. It was just one added incentive we used the first 3 days, honestly they would have done fine without it. Sweets seemed to be their main motivation. 
*Excessive cheering at every. single. pee. And then more cheering from Daddy when he got home and heard the good news. 

Neither one of them really cared much about being a big boy so that route didn't work for us. They didn't get a reward after a certain number of stickers because they don't get the counting/banking of things concept. 

Other tips:
* The only way to get Julian to pee at first was to have him stand - so I went with it. After a few days and being more comfortable, he started sitting on his own. 
* Learn your kids' style. Not all kids need or want to be TOLD to pee every 10 minutes. Julian, after he got the hang of it, lets me know when he has to go. I still ask him, but he mostly goes when HE feels he needs to go. Isaiah is different, and if I forget to ask him and it's been too long he'll have an accident. So...test out some different systems with your kid if one doesn't seem to be working. Potty training definitely isn't one size fits all.
* Don't shame your kids after an accident. Just matter of factly tell them we'll make it to the potty next time. I always make them finish the sentence, "Where do we go pee pee? In the _____. " Just to help emphasize the point. 
* Be slow to add pants back into the mix. We went sans undies on Day 1, undies only on Days 2 and 3 and now finally have added pants back into the mix. They can sometimes give the false sense of security, reverting them back to just going without thinking. When Isaiah has a couple of consecutive accidents I leave him in just undies to help him remember he has them on and not a diaper. After their entire lives of doing something one way, I expect it to take a little time doing it completely different.

Tips on potty training twins:
 * If you're busy helping one with an accident/success/whatever remember to be mindful of the other. A lot of the accidents I had was when I was busy with one. I learned to have the other sitting on the potty before finishing with the first one. 
* Positive peer pressure! The excessive cheering, the rewards...give those to one twin and the other always wants to be in on it, too. 
* Teach them to celebrate each other's successes. The first time Isaiah made it to the potty, Julian (on his own) was standing right by him, yelling "Yaaaay!!". It was just super cute and I know had a special meaning for them. 

I hope some of these tips help any of you potty training in the near future. Just remember a lot of potty training is just experimentation and finding what methods work best for you both!

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