potty training twins: day two

Potty training day 2. We're surviving. Maybe even...thriving? I've learned already that this potty training thing isn't one size fits all. These two boys have two completely different needs and personalities. It might take me a few days to learn how to help teach them both. 

Julian: HE GETS IT! He says MOM! And then runs to the potty, pulls down his own underwear (which he doesn't mind wearing now) and waits for me to come help give him some balance so he can stand and pee. He says yay! when he does a good job and is totally proud of himself. I can't even believe this is the same kid that was freaking out at peeing in the potty yesterday morning, the one who I thought wasn't ready, who really was tempting me to throw in the towel.  This morning only 1 1/2 accidents, 10 successes. No #2's yet. We'll cross that road when we get there since he really isn't into sitting on that darn potty. 

I've learned to let Julian lead. I ask him practically every 10 minutes if he has to pee. He says no. But sometimes he'll think about it after he says no and then go over to the potty. He's pretty much got it down.

Isaiah: He's a litte different. The first time he went this morning was because I asked him to sit and try. And he went. After that it was a big accident on the floor. Another big accident (that I caught half of). After that he didn't want to even get off the potty. I think he's nervous he's going to have an accident when he gets up. I'm still trying to figure out his cues that he has to go. All of the potties that he got today were because he was already sitting there. But we celebrated them nonetheless.

I think with Isaiah my approach has to be different. I'll have to set a timer, remind myself to remind him. If I ask him to sit on the potty every half hour (for now) I think we'll get the hang of it and he'll learn he doesn't have to be glued to his seat. 

The pull ups for both boys are pretty wet after sleeping but we'll deal with nights another time. I know some people say to do it all at once but I'M POTTY TRAINING TWINS. So that's not happening right now. (I say this to myself a lot when I start to get overwhelmed. That holy crap, I'm potty training twins I'm a total badass! Just to talk myself off the ledge.)

Last night I got the 3 Day Potty Training E-Book and while I'm not following it exactly there was a lot of good tips in there. She basically says if your kid is old enough to signal their wants or needs (gestures OR verbal) that they're old enough to potty train. That not all kids just "show interest" on their own. There were lots of good trouble shooting answers, like how to get underwear on kids who refuse it - to just put them on matter of factly and change the subject/distract them. It worked for me! They fought me to get them on but after a few minutes we were over it. SO, if you're having any questions about potty training kids, this book really does give some great advice. 

Here's to hoping the next 24 hours is just as promising!

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