a non-pinterest birthday

I've learned the hard way over the past couple of years, that Pinterest is poison to me around holidays and birthday time. You pin and pin onto these boards with great expectations of the holiday to look so pretty but it all gets overwhelming and lost in planning the holiday itself. This year, I said screw Pinterest. Yes, SCREW them/it. I didn't want to get lost in making stupid decorations for a party just so I could take pretty pictures and post them all prettily and say "look at this pretty party I threw!"

I decided to focus on the boys, and focus on the things that are their favorite. I wanted to throw a birthday party that a 3 year old boy would throw if he could throw parties. My first plan? Get a shit load of balloons. My children get stupid over balloons. Their eyes get huge, and with raised eyebrows they shout "BA-YOON!" repeatedly for hours on end. So we had balloons. On the floor, tied to things, outside, inside. That's all we really needed. 

I also popped some popcorn, got a huge bag of M&M's and we were golden. All of the boys' favorite things together and they just had a blast. My mother in law made her delicious rice and chicken (like she did last year) and we just hung out with friends and family all afternoon. Couldn't have gone any better. The boys ate so many M&M's and loved their mylars that Uncle Chic sent so much that they didn't even want to eat their birthday cupcakes.

I don't have many pictures because I decided to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. We get so caught up in creating this perfect party, without really focusing on what it is that matters. The birthday kids. And some good food. And ba-yoons. 

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