my own woman cave

Life has been insanely busy these past couple weeks. I have major plans for my etsy shop, and I'm hoping these plans can start to be put into place in the coming couple of months. I really needed a soundproof room to do my sewing, so I cleaned out the small room in our garage (that I think the landlord used as a dark room at one time) and am slowly turning it into my very own studio. I love it. 

It's kind of a dungeon with only a tiny window behind those curtains. I'm hoping to keep lots of light, cheery accents and colors in there so keep me inspired. I also added some fake greenery. The walls are just basic dry and I'm a little weary of putting too much on them. They're even taped together in some places, ha! It really is a bare bones little closet. But it's my closet. It's all mine.

Rug, curtains, light, art all from Ikea and along with a couple of other things only cost me a little over $100. And while I'm dreaming, here is some more inspiration for this little room that may or may not happen.

Organized fabric? What the heck is that?? 

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