i love handmade surprises

Have you guys heard of Umba Box? I'm fairly new to it but you basically subscribe monthly and are sent 3-ish handmade surprises every month. I've decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription because as much as I love getting beauty samples every month, I've never actually purchased or really used any of the products. It's been mainly just a fun thing to get every month. 

I feel a lot better with my Umba Box subscription because the goodies I've been getting for the past few months are absolutely beautiful and introduce me first hand to other handmade artists that I may have never heard of. This is definitely a lot more up my alley and worth the monthly subscription. AND good gifts (not just samples). I gave my sister-in-law a cute little handmade notebook I got a couple of months ago. 

Anyways, I just wanted to point out this fun service to you guys. (No, this isn't sponsored, I just really enjoy it!) Do you know of anybody else that does something like this? 

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