handmade. plain and simple.

I hate the word "crafty". Sometimes people tell me "I'm not crafty like you" whenever I make something for the boys or come up with an idea to do something and then actually do it. I enjoy being creative, no matter what the outlet may be. (Like these Valentines I threw together last night for the boys' class). This isn't so much that I'm crafty as much as I really wanted to make some Valentines, came up with an idea and then did it. It was important enough to me that I took some extra of my own relaxation time last night to make these. 

Why is it important for me to handmake things? I don't know. I just really enjoy doing things myself. I enjoy being creative, I enjoy the finished product. I like to see people's faces when they get something different. Do the boys give a crap about mom's handmade Valentines? Nope. And in a few years they'll prefer store bought. (Which is why I made their own halloween costumes as well...I only have a few years where I have a say before they have their own opinion on things.)

I don't want anyone to feel bad for buying things from the store. The same goes for me, I don't want to be made felt bad for making things myself. (I got kind of a side eye from a mom today when Isaiah gave her son a Valentine.) And even though the boys don't really get Valentine's Day, we're making memories just going with it and celebrating it in whatever way we can right now. 

I'm going to continue making things by hand because it's what I enjoy. Plain and simple. 

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