exactly like it happened

They're not little forever. They're hardly little at all. In between all the perfectly posed and edited photos is life. Watching these (mostly) sweet little people grow is so interesting. And when all these moments in between perfect pictures just seem to fly by I forget what it used to be like. I forget all the little details. The things they liked to do at each stage, how they interacted with each other, what their little faces looked like when they were playing. 

I'm going to be posting a lot more blurry pictures. I'm going to post more poorly lit, in action, silly faces. This is what I want to remember, what they look like when they're being themselves, not when I catch them in the perfect moment. Those moments can be posed any day, I want to remember the real moments that my memory will fail to recall in 10 years.

It's those in motion photos that really represent our life in motion. It's not always clear, not always perfect but it's happening. I want to remember it exactly as it happened.

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