can't stop now.

Our theme of 2013? Don't stop moving. This year is moving at lightening speed. I'm having trouble just keeping up with what day it is and what month we're now in. The boys have been insanely active, but when I really think back to what happened in the past 6 weeks I'm kind of at a loss.

Well, we've been sick pretty much all year. We're on week TWO of the boys' second cold of the year, Chikezie had the flu and I'm slowly fighting my way out of the cold I finally caught. So with just keeping our heads above water with all of this sickness, I guess time seems to get away from us. I've been counting time by events. New Years, Valentine's Day, the boys' birthday...I looked at the calendar last week and realized we're only a few weeks away from their 3rd birthday. 

I feel like I'm just trying to just keep this blog afloat anymore. Plans? Oh I have them just coming out of my busy brain left and right. The time to actually fulfill such plans? Lacking. Whenever I feel this pressure on myself to get to posting and sharing I slow down and remember one thing- this is my blog, I'm in charge, I'm in control. This blog is a direct reflection of the seasons of our life. Sometimes we're busy, too busy to even slow down and talk about what we've been doing. I'm ok with that. And I hope you guys are, too.

I'm so thankful for all of your sharing in our journey over the past few years and although posting and story telling is a little bit sparse around here, I sincerely hope you all stick around and continue to share in our adventures. 

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