and then they'll turn three.

In less than one month my offspring will be 3 years old. They've been on this earth for three whole years and it's sped by me so fast that sometimes I have difficulties remembering each of the stages we've traveled through together. 

The first year of their life was all about innovation and creativity. It was about trying to figure out how to feed two crying babies at once, about how to hold them together when they started to wiggle free of a swaddle. We learned a schedule, we survived bouts of colic, our hearts nearly exploded with the sight of first smiles and and sound of belly giggles. We watched them learn to explore their world (mainly with their mouths) and caught every unbalanced teeter between furniture. I cried with them when I was having difficult days and followed them around with my camera, wanting desperately to document every babble, coo and sweet yawn. 

And then they turned one.

The second year of their life was about exploration and patience. It was about willing with every inch of me that these babies would soon learn to walk and then waiting until 16 months to watch them strongly and confidently take their first steps clear across the apartment. It was about the beginning of a best friendship breaking the bonds of silence. The second year was about long stroller rides, favorite books and watching the wind blow through the trees. We learned sign language together, took plane rides across the country, hated every bit of putting our feet in the ocean. We had long days and even longer nights, we colored pictures and pointed to the moon every night.

And then they turned two.

The third year of their life was about communication and movement. It was about learning to run and jump and dance. We learned how to ride a tricycle, climb on things and push every boundary. It was a year of tantrums and frustration. The third year was about communication and our desperate need to find middle ground. We watched these two little boys grow to need each other, to miss each other in one's absence. We developed an intense love of cars and being outdoors, of books and puppies. There were skinned knees, bubbles popped, fights and hugs (and kisses). There was a new understanding of the world around them, long distance car rides, new bedrooms and homes. The third year was about family as a home base and sometimes many times mommy was the only one who could make the world right. 

In less than one month these two little people will turn three years old and we'll embark on another year of challenges, celebrations, and new adventures. The past 3 years have been the most  wonderfully challenging and infinitely fulfilling. So many life experiences have been jam-packed into this short span and time seems to be moving so fast that you barely have time to look back, breathe and revel in the pure crazy bliss that is being a parent.  

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