a little heart parade

I wanted to do a little something special with the boys on Valentine's Day but Thursdays are our busy days. The boys have speech therapy class from 10:30-12 and afterward we rush home to meet Cassie, their individual speech therapist who stays at our house until 2:30. After 4 hours of therapy, they're ready for nap time, which in turn is a late nap, they sleep forever and it starts getting dark after that.

When they woke up from nap I had a snack waiting and we just put our shoes on and headed out the door. I brought with us the heart garland I'd had hanging and did my best just to get some cute pictures to remember the day. 

We walked around our cul de sac with the hearts and they did a really good job holding on. They held on to them the entire time, I didn't say a word and just let them walk. Let me tell you, it's really difficult taking pictures of them on a walk. I need to get far enough away from them that I can get them in focus, while walking backwards. And when I speed up to get away from them, they follow me. I'm lucky I didn't break my legs tripping over the sidewalk.

I managed to get a few good ones, and that's all I wanted. We played at the park and then took our  little hearts home. And I managed to get this little gem on my phone:

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