stuck in my own creative rut

I feel stuck, in a rut. I know we all experience them at some point but I'm really feeling like this one just will not let me out. I have so many ideas, so much stirring in my brain and I just can't seem to keep it organized or to put anything into action. I feel like I never have enough hours in the day to do the things I really want to do. It's not that I lack motivation, it's just that I don't know where to start. And as I'm thinking of where to start, more ideas start flowing. 

I've always been like this. I'm an idea person. I think of things, problem solve, have plans and things I want to do. I fail to plan out the necessary details to follow through with said plan. I see the beginning and end and my road to the finish line, instead of a direct and well thought out path is usually a sporadic and winding road that eventually gets me where I need to go. 

There are so many things churning in my head for this blog and I just can't seem to get the traction to get going. I'm spinning out in my own muddy puddle of creativity and motivation. 

How do you stop planning and start doing? 

What works to help you get out of a rut?


  1. Mama, you took the words out of my mouth! I've always said my ideal job is where I could have ideas and tell people what to do. But I always need someone who can make things happen. My advice is to start with one small project, something you know how you want to turn out, and finish it.

  2. I always make a list of the things I want to complete. Starting with the first one, and finishing each one before moving on is the thing that works for me. If I don't get started, it drives me nuts that these ideas are out there and I haven't made a move. Plus it feels great to scratch something off the list.

  3. Start with a really small project and just jump into it. It could be just free-writing whatever comes to your head, not letting your pen rest until you've been at it for 10 minutes. It could be whipping out a little headband on your sewing machine. A small victory always helps me climb out of that rut! Either that, or cleaning the bathroom, because then I procrastinate by doing fun creative things instead.