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Well you guys, now that Christmas is done and over with, I've been just tapping my foot waiting for the next event to craft for. Valentine's Day is less than a month away and I'm really looking forward to it. I know some people hate everything it stands for but my parents always made it special for me growing up and I plan on doing something special for the boys each year as well. I've had the opportunity to test out the new Windows 8X phone and have been using it this week to search for and plan some fun stuff for us to do on Valentine's day.

Ok, so one cool way I've been saving up my ideas is by taking screen shots and saving it in a favorites album on my Windows phone. I do a lot of browsing while I'm waiting in line at the grocery store, in the waiting room at doctors appointments, waiting for the boys during their speech therapy. It's awesome having a screen I can personalize and organize- keeping my favorites album front and center as a good reminder to keep on searching!

I've also been searching through a couple of my favorite craft books for some special activities I can do with the boys on Valentine's day, taking pictures as I go and adding them to the album...below you can see some photos from my craft books, some pinned inspiration and a recipe idea.

I like the easy customization of the home screen and how big or small I can make the boxes based on my needs. (Which is something I can't do with the iphone and have problems seeing what apps are in what box because it's all so small!) The screen is bigger than that on the iPhone 4s and just provides for a more visually appealing experience without extra bulk to the phone itself.

The nice big and clear screen wil also come in handy on Valentine's Day when I whip up this super cute cake (and will be able to easily see the recipe without squinting or scrolling!). The app is pretty sweet and I mean, how good does this look:

Chikezie and I usually do something fun/funny for each other and not put too much pressure on the day. I want to help teach the boys that Valentine's Day is all about spending time with those you love most and showing them your appreciation and love for them...and that it's not about the cards or gifts or flowers or perfection that so many people come to expect.

Do you have any special Valentine's Day traditions or do you one of those people who absolutely hate the day? 

Disclosure: I am a member of the HTC Troop8X . I have been furnished with HTC Windows8X phone so that I can review the new Windows 8X phone and give you my honest opinion.

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