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Over the holidays my (basically) sister-in-law Ellie and I went shopping and of course stopped at Starbucks. The girl at the counter asked my name a couple of times because it was loud, and when my drink was ready (or what I thought was my drink) they kept saying the name "Bailey" instead of Mandey. 

I decided I loved that name and if we were to ever have a baby girl (the jury is still out on more babies) I would really like to name her Bailey. And wouldn't that be a cute story? That it was the wrong name on a Starbucks cup? Instead of "it's one of the only names your daddy and I could agree on" like the story of Julian and Isaiah. I told Chikezie about the name, he didn't like it. But I bet if it came down to it, I could get him to love it. 

The boys' names were pretty simple to figure out: Julian was originally going to be Sidney (Chikezie's middle name) but I eventually decided I didn't like the nickname, Sid. We settled on Julian, something different but easy to say, cute for a little boy but a strong, manly name as well. He has two middle names Tochi, which we asked his parent's to pick out, an Igbo name meaning "praise God". And James, after my brother Joshua James, my dad Andrew James and my great grandpa Leonard James.
Isaiah was also a name we both agreed on (and that I'd always loved). His middle names, Chidi, meaning "God exists; God is real" in Igbo. And Hamilton, his Uncle Chic's middle name. 

Do you have an interesting story on how you got inspiration for you kids' names?

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