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Growing up in the Midwest, I learned early on that winter doesn't exactly bring out my most fashionable side. Hats usually never match gloves, coats and boots never's just a big wintery, knit, fleece mess. 

We lived in Southern California for 3 years and I was a little bit lost as to what to wear in the winter. There really was no need for winter clothes and over those 3 years I've somewhat "lost" what little winter style I had.

And now we're living in a completely different climate from what I'm used to and am just trying to slowly figure out a new winter style appropriate for the Bay Area. I looked for one common denominator in my wardrobe that I always feel comfortable and stylish wearing and just decided to go with it. 

Enter-cowls. I'm obsessed. They're like scarves that don't come undone. And my new favorite hobby has been picking out fun prints and fabrics to sew unique ones for myself. 
This polkadot one is my one of my favorites. 
They're so easy to layer up over a jacket or sweater. I've been choosing basic knit fabrics to use for these so they don't get too bulky. And they're perfect for San Francisco weather which requires lots of layering for the many temps we experience throughout the day. 

And? They're so much fun to get creative with. I love using bright patterns to fun-up a simple outfit like this white knit dress/denim jacket combo:

I'll let you guys in on a little secret because I know not everyone knows how to sew or has a sewing machine: 
--Often times if I've bought a fabric and haven't gotten around to sewing it, I'll just drape it around my neck a few times like a scarf. So simple! AND SOOO much cheaper than buying a scarf at a store (that a million other people have). Just run to your local craft/fabric store and pick out a yard of a few of your favorite fabrics and there ya' go! An instant and fashionable upgrade to your winter wardrobe. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

How about you guys? What's your go-to way to stay warm and still not look like a grade schooler in winter? 

(These photos were taken with my Windows Phone 8X which, pretty much stays stylish all year round.)
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