a belated look back at 2012

Today I just realized I never did a proper look-back on our very chaotic and adventurous 2012. And because I'm such a nostalgic person, (and because so much changed, I'm sure a lot of people need a catch-up) I thought I'd share some things that happened last year!

Our friend Cassie took some 2 year photos of the boys. My children tortured me a few times. I shared some tips on caring for your kids' curly hair. I wasn't afraid to share my stretch marks with the world. Gave you guys my banana bread recipe

I wore skinnies for the first time (and fell in love). I turned the boys' table into a chalkboard table. I added a new flower to my bouquet. Mama Mandolin was on the front page of Etsy! I shared a recipe for coffee grounds body scrub. I stepped out to the So Cal Blogger meet up with one of my favorite people!

My babies turned two and we had a party. I caught the boys in a sweet moment. I learned a lesson in self confidence when I traveled to Iowa for my dear friends' wedding. We announced our move to Portland!

We attended our friends' awesome wedding in LA on Easter. The dudes shared some of their favorite books. I drank a lot of wine while packing up our home. The POD showed up and we made our move to Portland.

I chopped off all of my hair. The boys remained crazy toddlers as we continued our home search in Portland.

We finally moved into a house. I learned turning my kids into professional models would be too much work. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their first backyard

Julian drove a firetruck and it made his life. The boys made their modeling debut in a lumberjack wedding photo shoot. I wrote a letter to Isaiah and Julian. I tried out a yummy (and cool) summer snack. We got an awesome family photo taken. We announced our move to San Francisco and  I shared my thoughts on moving, again.

I shared my love for my 3 sweet boys. I learned a lesson in parenting, late at night and without much sleep. The dudes tried out sensory bowls, and they were a huge hit.

I made a trip back to Iowa for a dear friend's wedding (and had some relaxing mama time). The dudes had their first speech evaluation. We finally found a house!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 went trick or treating. I made bread pudding, crock pot apple butter, and vegan boca chili.  I talked about how important being a mom, being a stay-at-home-mom is.We played in shaving cream and went to a pumpkin patch. I got a diagnosis for my back pain. Oh, and we were so busy having fun, we forgot our anniversary!

My dad came and we dorked around San Francisco. I shared some thoughts on blogging. We made key ring photo flashcards to help the boys get comfortable with school. I shared some of my struggles with the boys' speech delay. We painted with cars and I showed you guys the boys' play space.

The hubs celebrated his 31st birthday. I tested out some pinterest yellow cake batter cookies (they were amazing). I talked about our daily struggles with communication with the boys. I talked about Julian and his ever-so unique personality.

What a busy 2012!

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