3 good things

I can't believe it's Thursday already. This week just completely flew by. The boys are slowly pushing through the sniffles and I'm still trying to fight it off. I'm slightly congested but I'm downing vitamin C like a boss. Ain't no virus entering this body.

With life going by so fast, it's easy to stop and be thankful for the goodness that is happening all around. So today I'm linking up with Jess and going to remember 3 good things that have happened today.

I spent one whole uninterrupted hour roaming happily through the non-fiction section of our public library. I really love libraries. So much information just waiting for me! And quiet, comfortable couches where I can sit in silence and lose myself in pages. Working for 4 years at the university library in college gave me this intense appreciation for libraries. It brings back good memories, allows me to be lost. It really makes me miss the Iowa library, being part of the system, around people learning. The inner nerd/bookworm/totally awesome bad-ass really comes out of me here.

I appreciated and reveled in my alone time. Even though it's not long each week, I look forward to it. I  love being alone. For as outgoing as I am, I love solitude even more. It's because of this solitude that I'm always a little bit surprised I found a husband and had kids. And now that I have kids, I guess I value this alone time even more. Funny how that works, huh? Oh, and I treated myself to Starbucks. 

I watched surprised and proud as Isaiah talked up a storm during his therapy session today. I mean, he was killing the 2 word phrases today. Trying brand new words repeatedly and they sounded good. I love watching the progress of these boys. 

So what about you guys? Link up your 3 good things posts with Jess OR share with me here 3 good things that happend in your life today. Go!

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