to cut or not to cut?

You guys, I really want to cut my hair. I cut it pretty short this summer (probably the shortest I'd ever gone). Now we're at a growing out stage and I'm not sure I'm ready to let it grow out yet. It really takes a commitment and to be honest, I'm really digging short styles.

When I cut my hair short, I played around with my hair pinning it back to look a little pixie-ish just testing the waters but never really decided to go super short. Here is what I've been loving:


I like the longer top layers and bangs with both of these cuts. I wear my hair pulled back almost every day and it looks a lot like this most of the time (minus the pigtails in back). I've always wanted to try this, it looks fun and I've never been one to "hide" behind long hair. I know a lot of people say only thin people can have short hair but I beg to differ. I think it mostly has to do with face shape, and trust me I've been doing some research. I believe I have a roundish face (as do the 2 ladies above, I'm told) and it looks good on them. So there.

My only reservations:
- I don't want to feel like a boy. (This is a valid concern! Lots of women wear their hair longer to feel more feminine.)
- I know my hubs prefers longer hair. And even though it's my head and hair, his opinion matters a lot to me.
- The growing it out phase if I don't like it could be weird.

What do you guys think? Have you had a pixie cut like this and how did you like it? Any advice for me? Oh and for reference, here's a picture with my hair pinned back this summer in my attempt to see how a pixie would look:

And your thoughts......go!


  1. I think it would look cute short and it will always grow back!

  2. Don't do it growing it back sucks and trust me even if u like it in the beginning FCC u will eventually want to grow it back out