dancing like a wild man

Julian wore a bow tie to school the other day. He saw it in his drawer that morning and really wanted to put it on, so naturally I let him. I was going to take it off before we stepped out the door but I got caught up in the craziness that ensues when trying to get two toddlers out the door and forgot to take it off. 

His teachers thought he was fancy. He thought he was pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, that in class he did crazy dance in which he shook both his arms and legs all together while jumping up and down. Everyone laughed so hard I was told. Later that night I thanked his daddy for showing him that dance.

Sweet Julian, I hope you always chose to be yourself. You are one unique little boy who truly  (and literally) dances to the beat of his own drum. You have always been such a mystery to me; I can never quite figure you out. I love that every day you keep me guessing and laughing at all of the seemingly odd things you choose to do. You are such a silly and special little piece of our family. I hope you always stay true to yourself, even if who you are isn't like everyone else. Even if the you that you are is the boy who wears bow ties to school and dances like a wild man. 

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