Watching: The yule log channel. And it plays music, too! 

Thinking About: Picking my battles. Life is crazy, you know? When I'm 80, I won't look back and worry about the trivial everyday things that seem like a big deal in the moment. I'll look at the love I shared with my family. I'll fondly remember the memories I made with my babies while being so, so blessed to stay home with them and watch them grow. I'm consciously trying to reduce conflict and stress in my life. Happier, less stressed mama = happier home.

Loving: My very first Scentsy purchase from one of my best friends who sells. I bought some Christmas-y scents and holy cows these things are way stronger and last longer than any other candle I've had. Nothing makes it feel more like the holidays than a home wafting with cinnamon and vanilla.

Excited About: Christmas. Chikezie's whole family will be here. I'm glad we don't have to travel this year after last year's flying disaster I'm thankful we don't have to get on a plane. Also thankful to have this nice house and room for our family to stay. We had a busy, chaotic, nomadic but extremely blessed 2012. And I can't wait to end it and start the new year with the exact same people as last year.

Reading: Happier At Home from the author of The Happiness Project. I literally just started, so I don't have much to say yet. Also picked up the latest issue of Glamour with Anne Hathaway because, hello, I just chopped my hair off and she did too. She obviously has some good advice for me.

Thankful for: This week I'm especially thankful for every breath I'm lucky enough to breath. I'm thankful for the two beautiful souls who run giggling down the hallway to our bedroom every morning. I'm thankful for the man who married me, who loves me even when I chop all my hair off or grouch at him when I've had a long day. The past few days have really put life in prospective for me. I hope even the seemingly insignificant sadness I feel for what happened on Friday may somehow, in some way, take a tiny bit of suffering from those families whose hearts have been ripped open. And I'm extra thankful and aware of what I have and how easily it can all be taken away. 


 Currently inspiration from Danielle.

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