December 12, 2012

avoiding stress, taking cute pictures

So after the busy Black Friday craziness I've needed a little bit of a break. (As you've probably noticed from the quiet around here.) The holidays seem to stress everyone out so I'm trying to do the opposite. I'm trying to be un-stressed this month. I treated myself to a new lens I've been contemplating getting and took the boys out the other day to play around with it. I'm still getting the hang of a wider lens but but bokeh is great and the clarity and lighting is spectacular. 

What are you doing for YOU this holiday season to avoid being stressed to the max?


  1. That lense is gorgeous! What is it? and I am in love with the hair and the kissy-face.

  2. Love this, and I have that same lens for my D5000!

  3. The first n the sixth pics are very good. Hmmm... My stress buster....let's see... Cleaning up, watching my kids sleep and 5 mins on Facebook ( there is always something that cheers me up over there)

  4. Stopping in from Pinterest. Thanks for the curly hair tips! Love these pictures! Just beautiful!


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