Speech Therapy Update #2

Welp. We're 2 months into our speech therapy journey and I know we're making progress. The first MAJOR milestone we reached came with the boys' fear of being somewhere new with new people and without mom. I'm happy to report that when I drop them off for class, they don't even look back at me. There's not a single second of hesitation or fear and they're excited to go play with their teachers and new friends. (There's a boy in their class who is part of a set of boy/girl twins who were born 2 days after the dudes! And another boy only a couple of weeks younger.)

New words this month:
- Google goo-guh
- Answer (aunt) yo-yo
- help hop
- pop
- up/down 
- me! (when it's their turn or they want something)
- milk muk
- home 
- Ozzie ahh-yee (Jen's son)
- backpack bok-bok
- baby (they've been able to say this but now say it on their own when they want their strollers or see an actual baby)
- Mommy (instead of mama)
- See ya ee-ya
- Clean up ee-yuh
- Papa bah-bah
- naughty nah-nah

There's probably more that I'm forgetting to keep track. But it IS important for me to keep a list of the words they're learning, to have some proof (maybe just for myself) that they're improving. Isaiah seems to be using words a lot more than Julian but with lots of praise and encouragement, Julian is more willing to try. This is the case for a lot of things, I think he's just a more laid back kid.

Another big accomplishment is that Julian has said on occasion, two words together. (Neither one of them is really doing that right now). He'll ask "Dada?" and respond to his own question with "Google". I know it's only one small phrase but in our world two words said even remotely in the same breath is considered an advancement.

So, in just under two months of therapy they've essentially doubled their vocabulary and definitely   have been trying so much more. You can read more about our speech therapy journey here.

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