painting with cars {toddler activity}

My friend Summer once posted about doing toddler art with cars and paint and I've always wanted to try it with the boys. (Because, hello? They're ob.sessed. with cars.) 

One chilly fall afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I busted out the fall color paints, let them bring their cars to the table and just let them have at it. Paint is such a great sensory activity for toddlers. They sat down and painted for at least 30 minutes (which in toddler time is about 3 hours.)

Isaiah really enjoyed painting the wheels themselves instead of just running the cars through the paint. It was great practice with his hand/eye coordination as well. 

Afterwards we had some very interesting art work to display in their play area (and bonus! some fall colored decor!) I plan on doing this again during the holidays with some holiday colored paint and then cutting the paper into like, Christmas tree shape. See? Even though there's a mess to clean up, this can be a crafty opportunity for moms, too!

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