nutrisystem weight loss update: week 1

Well, one week of this weight loss journey down in the books. I've been eating Nutrisystem for one week and am down 3 lbs! As much as I want to lose mass amounts of weight immediately, I know slow and steady wins the race, right? 

The temptations have been coming out in full force, starting on day 1. I made brownies the day before I started, thought I could resist all day and definitely could not. I ate 2 and found myself going back for more until I mentally bitch-slapped myself back into reality. I have a serious sugar addiction. I threw the entire pan out. Problem solved. You don't need temptations on the first day of a diet. 

Later on in the week my sister in law made cupcakes, my husband ordered pizza. I resisted them ALL. I like that Nutrisystem has it's own deserts so I don't feel deprived of those things, I just need to eat my own version until I can get my sugar obsessed brain under control.

The food tastes good, I'm having trouble fitting in all of the veggies in each day along with the provided meals but I'm working on it. Also drinking tons of water and trying to be active around the house. Next week at some point I plan on getting out more for some structured exercise but for now I'll be as active as I can.

I've only made one small slip up, currently making one. Yesterday at the movie theatre I allowed myself a bag of candy because, hey it's the movies! But that one dose of sugar was enough to make me want a cake pop at the Target Starbucks this morning (along with a latte I probably shouldn't be having). So, once I finish this latte I'll work on making better choices throughout the day. That's one thing I've learned this week: when you mess up that doesn't mean you have to "re-start" everything or start over. Just means you'll be more aware of your next choice. 

Right now, I'm living my food life one meal at a time, trying to keep on track and make realistic choices. I look forward to seeing what week 2 brings!

Nutrisystem Start: 11/9/12
Week 1: -3lbs

Disclaimer: I'm not being compensated by Nutrisystem for these posts, just trying in on my own and letting you guys know how it goes!

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