Key Ring Photo Cards DIY

A couple of weeks ago the boys were just starting out their speech therapy class and there was always so much crying when I dropped them off. Going somewhere unfamiliar and then being left there is scary when you're 2 years old. 

I decided to to take pictures (just basic iphone pictures) of their classroom, their teachers, each little detail and toy in the classroom, the building to put on a little key ring for them to carry around. I kept this key ring in my purse, in the car, pretty much kept it with us all the time and asked them to find things/people. They'd constantly flip to the picture of their teacher and smile. Slowly they got more comfortable with the routine and I believe these flash cards really helped them retain the memory and make the faces/places more familiar. Here's how I made it:

Pretty simple! Those self-laminating pouches are amazing and so easy to use. You can pick them up at Target for cheap and I've used them for multiple projects. I also plan on making a key ring like this with pictures of family who live far away. 

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