an ode to my clothesline.

Does anybody use a clothesline to dry their clothes anymore? I know the time of year requires a certain geographic location to dry clothes in mid-November, but generally, do people use clotheslines? When I talked with Chikezie about using the built in pole holder in the backyard for a clothesline, he cringed. It wasn't exactly aesthetically pleasing which is as important as breathing air for a designer, I've learned and would we actually use it? We have a dryer. 

I held strong on my position and ordered this umbrella clothesline online. It arrived on my birthday of all days and I was so excited. this, my friends, is a true sign that you're old and lame  Like a giddy idiot, I put immediately erected it in the backyard and felt triumphant  I'd always wanted a clothesline. 

I grew up with clotheslines. We had one at our small house in Sioux City, right behind my swingset. We had one at the farm; a huge one. It felt like 30 feet long with multiple rows. My mom taught me how to hand her clothespins handle out and I sat in the warm sun helping her hang the delicious smelling clean laundry. I liked the crisp, stiff feeling of the clothes when we took them off the line. I especially loved the days she washed sheets, and my cousins and I would chase each other between the rows of fresh linens.

When we moved to town when I was in high school, we got an umbrella line just like this. I didn't particularly enjoy doing the laundry but welcomed the escape outdoors. And now I have my own line.

Why is something so insignificant bring so much happiness to me? I don't know, maybe it just makes me feel at home. It brings me back home, takes me to the farm, takes me to my grandma's house, to good things in my memory. It makes me appreciate our modern conveniences a little bit more. I still enjoy the 10 minutes it takes me to hang the clothes, watching the boys run around the yard occasionally handing me clothespins. 

Although it may not be the most beautiful piece of art to gawk at in our yard, it has special meaning for me. As you grow older you start to appreciate those little happy pieces of childhood you still hold dear and long for them once more, even if it's something as silly and simple as a clothesline. 

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  1. I don't use clothes lines. I remember as a kid our dryer broke. luckily at the time we had a clothes line. We started using the clothes line and I hated it. It's because I have sensory issues and hated the stiff, scratchy feeling.

    This is also why I can't stand wool lol