we forgot our anniversary.

September 25 was our 3 year wedding anniversary. The reason you didn't see a lovey dovey, you're my best friend and it's been the best three years ever post is because we forgot. We both forgot our wedding anniversary. 

We didn't have a big wedding. Let me clarify, we got married over his lunch hour by ourselves, wearing shorts and separated by my 15 week pregnant belly. We didn't take a picture, we didn't go on a honeymoon, nobody was invited. It was he and I, promising to love each other forever. Promising to be there for each other through everything that life would throw at us over the rest of our lives. We made these promises without anyone else watching because the marriage is ours, and what matters most is us. 

And here we are 3 years, 5 moves (2 long distance), 2 toddlers, and a million adventures later. And we forgot our wedding anniversary. What does that say about us, about our marriage? That we're normal. That we're busy. That sometimes our life isn't perfect. That sometimes the days fly by or all merge into each other and we completely lose track of time. Life goes fast when you're having fun. And apparently our life is really on the haul. 

I actually remembered our anniversary on the night of the 25th, after seeing someone else on facebook gushing about how much they loved their spouse and the huge wedding and love, love, love. I texted him. 
"Um....today is our anniversary."
"Shit." he replied
"I love you."
He was working on a big project at work that week and was home after I went to sleep that night. But I woke up to flowers on the table the next morning. We promised to spend a day together after life slowed down a little.

Yeah, so what, we forgot our anniversary...and only 3 years in. We have been through so much in these 3 years of marriage. Life has thrown so much at us and no matter how imperfectly things go, we still make it work. We're living the hell out of this life together. Sometimes we're living so much we forget to slow down. If that's the worst problem our marriage has at this point, I think we're doing pretty well.

This is real life, folks. This is real marriage and all that goes with it. But you bet your hiney I love this guy more now than I did the day we got married. Some couples grow apart when life gets complicated but through everything (especially this year) we lean on each other for support. And I know no matter what the next 60 years throws at us that we'll always have each other's back.

I love your guts, husband. I love your dumb jokes and faces that seem to provide endless comic relief for our sometimes too stressful life. I love that you know when I need you the most, and that you're here. I'm endlessly thankful for your hard work and talent that has allowed for me to be home with our  beautiful boys. I'm thankful for our simple love, a love that just works. I love your smile, and your quirks. And the laughter...oh the laughter. 

On to the next adventure, hubs.

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