I'm 28!

Today I turned 28. I tend to not make a huge deal out of my birthday anymore, mainly out of just not wanting to be disappointed or jinx myself. I chose to enjoy the small things. Here are some things I'd like to say regarding the occasion:

* I ate my favorite cereal for breakfast. I also had Starbucks. Win, win.
* I got my hair cut and colored today, going for a bold red. I told the stylist I was going through a late 20's midlife crisis and wanted to go bold or go home. So there.
* I have the sweetest friends on earth. Jenn sent me such a special gift from GlassCast and it absolutely made my day.
* Another thing that made my day? My clothesline arrived in the mail. Yes, that's when you know you're old-when you're excited a clothesline shows up in the mail on your birthday. And when did hanging up your clothes turn into such a work out? 
* I get to have homemade (by my sister in law) red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles tonight. I love having family nearby ..and by nearby I mean living in our spare room :) She has been such a help watching the boys on occasion and cooking for us a few times a week while she says here and looks for job. I secretly hope she never finds a job so this little arrangement can continue indefinitely. 
* I purchased some kick-ass new boots and a couple of items for my fall/winter wardrobe. We've moved so much I have no idea what the weather will be like this winter here. Today though? 80's. This is when I'm missing Portland weather the most!
* My sweet husband took the afternoon off to hang out with us. The best gift he can give is him, just being here. He works so much and we miss him when he's gone.

As I take another swig of my diet coke, I cheers to 27. It was a very eventful year. We moved all over this damn coast, our little nomad family. I have one promise to make to myself for 28; to take better care of myself - my body, my mind, my spirit, my BACK. I promise to start focusing on me again. This body and I have been through a lot in our 28 years, I want to thank her for helping me get here. 

Cheers, friends! And thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. You are all very loved.

Fun fact:
I share this birthday with Evel Knievel, Chris Kirkpatrick (from N'Sync), Eminem, Ziggy Marley, and Alan Jackson. 

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    This sounds like such a wonderful day!
    Cheers to a fabulous 28 and October birthdays (mine was the 2) ;)