holding on to imperfections

Remember back when photos we didn't have a choice of which photos to develop? We had to hope what we took with our crappy little cameras was at least in focus, everyone's eyes were open and nothing was too blurry. No matter how bad some of the pictures were, we still kept them because that was all we had, even if some of them weren't quite right. 

I'm going to try to recapture that. Not every moment is perfect, not every photo should be. I take hundreds of photos and spend so much time sifting through trying to find the "good ones" and end up scrapping the others. Sometimes the best moments in life are the blurry, out of focus ones. The moments we're so busy living we don't have time to assess their beauty or look for flaws. 

I miss when photography captured the real moments, and we line our old photo albums with those flawed pictures because time is gone and we've lost those moments. The photos, no matter how imperfect are all we have left when we forget the other details. 

It's time to start living life between the perfect shots and revel in the imperfections of our daily lives. It will be those imperfect photos that bring back the most memories when what we hope to hold on to has all faded.

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