Halloween Link Up!

Happy Halloween from Thing 1 and Thing 2! We went to a family Halloween event at Google last Thursday where the boys enjoyed a petting zoo, were ohh-ed and aww-ed at, and then ate a whole mess of fresh kettle corn. (More pics to come.) 

Last night the boys "helped" carve a pumpkin. And by help I mean they flung pumpkin guts everywhere with spoons, tried to put everything back IN the pumpkin and then kept fake licking the spoons they were using and fake cough/gagging. Boys. 

I need to finish up my Cat in the Hat costume today and this evening we'll walk to a few houses in our neighborhood mostly so Chikezie and I can have some candy. The boys don't really get all this Halloween business yet, can't say "trick-or-treat" and have short attention spans, so it'll be short and sweet. Then we'll head home and let them help us pass out candy in their costumes. 

I invite all of you to share your Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating experience with us! Below is a link up for all of your Halloween posts. Next week I'll share some of my favorite costumes, so be sure to link up!

Happy Halloween! 

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  1. Thanks for hosting a linky party! Can't wait to see all the little costume! Although I don't know how anything could be cuter than your boys!