Glitter Pumpkins: 3 Ways

Last week I experimented with three different ways to glitter paint pumpkins. I really like painting more than carving because the pumpkins last longer and it doesn't take any kind of artistic genius to make the pumpkins look amazing! 

What you need:
- Pumpkins (duh)
- craft glitter, any color will do.
- black paint 

{Monogram Glitter Pumpkin}

* Freehand draw or create a stencil for your initial on the pumpkin and trace with a pencil. I printed off a letter from photoshop in the font I liked best. 
* Paint the letter quickly without allowing it to fully dry.

* Before the paint dries, pour a generous amount of glitter over the letter, making sure to cover the entire painted area. 
* Allow 30 min-1 hr to dry.

* Once dry, tip the pumpkin upright and gently shake/wipe excess glitter from the pumpkin.  Make sure not to wipe the letter itself much as you don't want to rub off much glitter. 

{Gradient Glitter Pumpkin}

* With a paintbrush, cover the entire pumpkin with Mod Podge Gloss finish. 
* Pour glitter on on generously from the stem, and allowing glitter to fall down the sides of the pumpkin. 
* Fill in empty spaces on top. Allow 1 hour to dry. 

{Covered Glitter Pumpkin}
* In a bowl, mix 2 parts glitter, 1 part Mod Podge Gloss finish. 
* Cover the entire pumpkin with this mixture using a paintbrush. 
* Allow 1 hour to dry. 
* Add extra layers if you'd like, I just did it once because I liked some of the orange showing underneath.

Happy glittering!

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