You guys, we're about to go through some big changes here at Mama and the Dudes. First off, we're going to be getting a brand new look! Yay! I'm so excited to show you guys all the changes next week and in the process, things will probably be a little crazy around here this week. 

In addition to a new design, Mama and the Dudes will be getting a shiny new name. I've contemplated changing this for awhile and was just holding off until the time was right. Mama and the Dudes will now be Mama Mandolin. I decided to change names because I don't plan on writing about the dudes forever. And what happens if we ever have a little gal in this family? (Not planning on it...but what if!?) I wanted my shop and blog to be consistent, and Mama Mandolin just felt right. more Mama and the Dudes. 

I'm going to be adding some holiday bow ties and stock to the etsy shop, along with some crochet cowls for mama AND lil guys. (Like the one I'm wearing above!) Yes, scarves and cowls for dudes. The cute factor is off the charts. So keep your eyes open for those. You can visit my shop HERE to check things out.

Another big change? Adding back our sponsor section! With the new design there will be a row of sponsors available on the right hand sidebar. There are two options available: HERE is some information on how to get a sponsor spot. The past 2 months, my blog stats have gone crazy. In September I almost TRIPLED my monthly unique page loads and have continued to grow steadily each month. We're going places over here, and I'd love for you to join along in the ride if you'd like the get the name out for your brand/business/blog. We're approaching the holidays and this is the best time of the year to get your name out!

Here's some stats I pulled from Google Analytics this morning from Sept 26-Oct 26:

To celebrate all these changes I'm offering a 20% discount to all sponsors. When you purchase your ad spot, use the discount code EARLYBIRD at check out to get 20% off your ads for the month!

Thank you all for sticking with us through this crazy summer and all of our moving. I appreciate all the support and love we've gotten through this blog and I hope you join us as we continue to grow!

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