speech evaluation update

We qualified for speech therapy! Last week there was an opening (we were originally scheduled for this week) to have the boys evaluated and I was so excited to get some answers. I've posted so. many. times. in the past year on the boys being a little delayed in expressive speech and although I know they'll learn in their own time, it's gotten to the point where it's just causing so much drama in our house. 

Tantrums, you guys. Ugh. And so, so many because they can't tell me "Mom, I'm mad." or "Mom I'm tired." or "Mom I want a snack." There are signs and pulling me toward whatever it is, and then it's a guessing game of whining until I figure it out...and if I don't it's a huge tantrum. 

You want the best for your kids, you want so desperately for them to be the best they can be and to be "normal". They're big 2 1/2 year olds and it's hard to explain to people who ask why they aren't talking much yet. As much as I wish they didn't need therapy, I'm glad they qualify. I'm so, so happy they will be getting the boost they need to be able to talk to us. 

We'll be meeting with our coordinator this week to get details on everything and to schedule our first appointment. We were told upfront by the evaluators (a speech therapist and physical therapist) that they qualify for therapy on their expressive speech delay alone. They tested around a 10 month level. You guys, that was really hard for me to hear. Keep in mind, this is for expressive speech only, but having a number put on it really hit me hard. 

I've been the best mom I know how to be but somehow will always have this little feeling of guilt that I haven't done enough. That this is somehow my fault. I know some things Chikezie and I do (or don't do) is a small part of the big picture but have been working to let go of the guilt I feel. The best part of this is that no matter what the cause was, we can now move forward on the speech train. 

I hope to keep you all updated throughout this process and pass on some of the tips that have been passed on to us (we already have so much homework) and to keep you updated on the boys' progress.

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  1. my son is 10 months & gets physical therapy & Congitive therapy. He isn't speaking much, but I have a feeling speech therapy is in our future. this one girl I worked with has a daighter who is now 5 & didn't speak at all at 21/2. She did all types of speech therapy with her& the doctors said it wasnt because she was slow or smart she just didn't speak right away. Well now at 5 she talks all the time & can even read on her own. it's nothing you did as a mother. sometimes these babies want to take their time. Btw were they preemies ? ( just a question )