real life starts tomorrow

Welp guys, we're right in the middle of moving craziness. The movers brought everything in for us yesterday and I spent the majority of both days unpacking. I want to give HUGE props to my sister in law for watching the boys both days so I could just work like a crazy person unpacking and cleaning so we can move in. I'm also so thankful for our corporate housing. We have a comfortable place to stay, and still have another week here (technically) so there's no rush to get to the house. It's also nice, we haven't had to live in the mess, like we did during our last move in Portland.

The boys have been doing great. Isaiah is his usual clingy self, which I'm expecting to get a little worse come tomorrow when we move in, but I'm ready. We're waiting to hear back on where the boys will be starting their group speech therapy, hopefully in a couple of weeks things will be straightened out. I seriously feel more and more behind with them every day and the move really isn't helping things. I think tomorrow will be a start to a new normal, a life in the house with our stuff and where we will now stay. No more moving.

Right now, I'm going to enjoy an hour of the new Restaurant Impossible (I love this show) and try not to fall asleep, I'm hoping to enjoy this last night in this cozy temp apartment because tomorrow real life will start again.

We're all ready. 

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