Ok so remember that one time (yesterday) when I posted pictures of our new rental home and how excited I was to move into it? PSYCH. We're moving somewhere else. Having problems keeping up with our insanely crazy life?

Here's what happened. 

Last week we applied for 3 homes we loved. Competition is crazy here. Friday we found out we were approved for two, the 3rd couldn't get back to us until Friday. We needed to make a decision on the first two and didn't want to say no to both, be denied on the 3rd and then end up with no place at all. So, we just assumed we wouldn't hear back from the 3rd place and chose from the other two. 

And then we found out today we were approved for the 3rd place, which just happened to be the nicest, closest to Chikezie's work and cheapest of the three. How could we pass that up? We really do love the house, it really makes the most sense to pick where we plan on staying. 

And so without further ado, here's a sneak peek at our house. This won't be changing, we've finally settled and are getting the keys tomorrow!

Upon entering the front door, you go into a courtyard/atrium area before the home entry. And all of those windows.

Said courtyard with area for some chairs/table. I plan on spending lots of time out here.

Entry and living room. Kitchen to the left.

Gorgeous and open kitchen.

Dining area next to the kitchen.

Details from the two bathrooms, the later being in our master bath! love.

Back yard/patio area. No grass but lots of plants and fruit trees!

FINALLY this is it. Counting down the days until our things can be delivered and we can start unpacking. I can't wait to share more with the rest of you and thanks for sticking with us for this crazy ride! 

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  1. Oh. I love it. Maybe all this moving will be worth it now that you've found the perfect home!