oh hey there.

I'm baaaaaack. (In California, that is.) This weekend I traveled solo to Iowa for a wedding and a weekend of soaking up all the friend time I could get. When you've moved as much as we have, you really miss the stability of old friends. We've been making new friends for a few years but there's nothing like being around people you share so many good memories with. 

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Traveling solo is so much better than with kids, even with the delays.

Kitchen hangouts and lots of reminiscing and laughing. 

They make the prettiest girls in the Midwest. 

 It's not a wedding without a silly bathroom pic.

And some photos stolen from my friend Molly:
The gorgeous bride, Sarah, walking down the isle. She was seriously stunning.

It's official!

With the handsome groom, our friend Tj. 

A huge group of all my college friends at the bar after the wedding. Love these people.

And no night is complete without dancing on stage at the piano bar. (3 of us up there were kid-free moms for the evening and taking FULL advantage of it!)

It was a great weekend to just let all the stress of all this moving business just melt away. It was a much needed recharge and gosh, I miss all of my friends. Oh, and the boys had a pretty kick ass weekend with daddy, and looked significantly older when I got back. 

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!

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