a sneak peek of our house

We finally found a rental home! We had the luxury (after all of our searching) to chose between two places, one in the city and one in a nearby suburb. We chose the burbs. Something about San Francisco just leaves me all claustrophobic and dirty. So, yeah. Here's a little looksie at our new abode. And I'm in love.

This is an Eichler home, and for those who don't know (I didn't before last week) here's a little bit about Joseph Eichler. It's pretty cool stuff, and for my husband who is all ga-ga over design. When we were searching for a home we couldn't have been on more opposite pages. I'm about functionality and practicality. He goes more off of "a look" and "feel" of the place. TOTAL designer. Which is great for me, but also hard for us to find something that fits both our needs. 

As you can see the house has no front facing windows, which is nice because now we can just walk around naked all the time without being peeped on. Kidding. Kind of.  There are also a butt load of windows along the back of the house, which is kind of what Eichler was after... "bringing the outdoors in". It's also nice it gives us a lot less walls to agree on decorations for. 

It has a big open living/dining space with brand new carpet and lots of light. 

What will be a play room off of the living room, looking on to the back yard. 

The patio behind the house, with the kitchen to the right. Lots of windows and light. Do you sense a theme?

We'll be moving in next week and I'm so excited to finally have permanent home! And don't even get me started on how excited hubby is to start decorating (when you're married to a designer, you pretty much renounce most decorating control to your husband.) 

Can't wait to show you all more once we get settled!

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