back in business!

I don't know where to start or how to catch up on the past few months. My camera has now been emptied onto my computer but there is so. much. I have no frame of reference in which to share ALL of these photos with you in some interesting and compelling post. I also don't have the time or motivation. But what I do have is two hilarious and cute kids, and those are always good to look at.

So I'll just share with you what I found to be a consistent theme in the past couple of months: Julian is pretty much a hot mess most of the time...and I love his awkwardness.

Ok, I did get ONE normal picture:

And for good measure, Isaiah, who is always ready for the camera:

We're baaaaaack!

real life starts tomorrow

Welp guys, we're right in the middle of moving craziness. The movers brought everything in for us yesterday and I spent the majority of both days unpacking. I want to give HUGE props to my sister in law for watching the boys both days so I could just work like a crazy person unpacking and cleaning so we can move in. I'm also so thankful for our corporate housing. We have a comfortable place to stay, and still have another week here (technically) so there's no rush to get to the house. It's also nice, we haven't had to live in the mess, like we did during our last move in Portland.

The boys have been doing great. Isaiah is his usual clingy self, which I'm expecting to get a little worse come tomorrow when we move in, but I'm ready. We're waiting to hear back on where the boys will be starting their group speech therapy, hopefully in a couple of weeks things will be straightened out. I seriously feel more and more behind with them every day and the move really isn't helping things. I think tomorrow will be a start to a new normal, a life in the house with our stuff and where we will now stay. No more moving.

Right now, I'm going to enjoy an hour of the new Restaurant Impossible (I love this show) and try not to fall asleep, I'm hoping to enjoy this last night in this cozy temp apartment because tomorrow real life will start again.

We're all ready. 


Ok so remember that one time (yesterday) when I posted pictures of our new rental home and how excited I was to move into it? PSYCH. We're moving somewhere else. Having problems keeping up with our insanely crazy life?

Here's what happened. 

Last week we applied for 3 homes we loved. Competition is crazy here. Friday we found out we were approved for two, the 3rd couldn't get back to us until Friday. We needed to make a decision on the first two and didn't want to say no to both, be denied on the 3rd and then end up with no place at all. So, we just assumed we wouldn't hear back from the 3rd place and chose from the other two. 

And then we found out today we were approved for the 3rd place, which just happened to be the nicest, closest to Chikezie's work and cheapest of the three. How could we pass that up? We really do love the house, it really makes the most sense to pick where we plan on staying. 

And so without further ado, here's a sneak peek at our house. This won't be changing, we've finally settled and are getting the keys tomorrow!

Upon entering the front door, you go into a courtyard/atrium area before the home entry. And all of those windows.

Said courtyard with area for some chairs/table. I plan on spending lots of time out here.

Entry and living room. Kitchen to the left.

Gorgeous and open kitchen.

Dining area next to the kitchen.

Details from the two bathrooms, the later being in our master bath! love.

Back yard/patio area. No grass but lots of plants and fruit trees!

FINALLY this is it. Counting down the days until our things can be delivered and we can start unpacking. I can't wait to share more with the rest of you and thanks for sticking with us for this crazy ride! 

a sneak peek of our house

We finally found a rental home! We had the luxury (after all of our searching) to chose between two places, one in the city and one in a nearby suburb. We chose the burbs. Something about San Francisco just leaves me all claustrophobic and dirty. So, yeah. Here's a little looksie at our new abode. And I'm in love.

This is an Eichler home, and for those who don't know (I didn't before last week) here's a little bit about Joseph Eichler. It's pretty cool stuff, and for my husband who is all ga-ga over design. When we were searching for a home we couldn't have been on more opposite pages. I'm about functionality and practicality. He goes more off of "a look" and "feel" of the place. TOTAL designer. Which is great for me, but also hard for us to find something that fits both our needs. 

As you can see the house has no front facing windows, which is nice because now we can just walk around naked all the time without being peeped on. Kidding. Kind of.  There are also a butt load of windows along the back of the house, which is kind of what Eichler was after... "bringing the outdoors in". It's also nice it gives us a lot less walls to agree on decorations for. 

It has a big open living/dining space with brand new carpet and lots of light. 

What will be a play room off of the living room, looking on to the back yard. 

The patio behind the house, with the kitchen to the right. Lots of windows and light. Do you sense a theme?

We'll be moving in next week and I'm so excited to finally have permanent home! And don't even get me started on how excited hubby is to start decorating (when you're married to a designer, you pretty much renounce most decorating control to your husband.) 

Can't wait to show you all more once we get settled!

speech evaluation update

We qualified for speech therapy! Last week there was an opening (we were originally scheduled for this week) to have the boys evaluated and I was so excited to get some answers. I've posted so. many. times. in the past year on the boys being a little delayed in expressive speech and although I know they'll learn in their own time, it's gotten to the point where it's just causing so much drama in our house. 

Tantrums, you guys. Ugh. And so, so many because they can't tell me "Mom, I'm mad." or "Mom I'm tired." or "Mom I want a snack." There are signs and pulling me toward whatever it is, and then it's a guessing game of whining until I figure it out...and if I don't it's a huge tantrum. 

You want the best for your kids, you want so desperately for them to be the best they can be and to be "normal". They're big 2 1/2 year olds and it's hard to explain to people who ask why they aren't talking much yet. As much as I wish they didn't need therapy, I'm glad they qualify. I'm so, so happy they will be getting the boost they need to be able to talk to us. 

We'll be meeting with our coordinator this week to get details on everything and to schedule our first appointment. We were told upfront by the evaluators (a speech therapist and physical therapist) that they qualify for therapy on their expressive speech delay alone. They tested around a 10 month level. You guys, that was really hard for me to hear. Keep in mind, this is for expressive speech only, but having a number put on it really hit me hard. 

I've been the best mom I know how to be but somehow will always have this little feeling of guilt that I haven't done enough. That this is somehow my fault. I know some things Chikezie and I do (or don't do) is a small part of the big picture but have been working to let go of the guilt I feel. The best part of this is that no matter what the cause was, we can now move forward on the speech train. 

I hope to keep you all updated throughout this process and pass on some of the tips that have been passed on to us (we already have so much homework) and to keep you updated on the boys' progress.

oh hey there.

I'm baaaaaack. (In California, that is.) This weekend I traveled solo to Iowa for a wedding and a weekend of soaking up all the friend time I could get. When you've moved as much as we have, you really miss the stability of old friends. We've been making new friends for a few years but there's nothing like being around people you share so many good memories with. 

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Traveling solo is so much better than with kids, even with the delays.

Kitchen hangouts and lots of reminiscing and laughing. 

They make the prettiest girls in the Midwest. 

 It's not a wedding without a silly bathroom pic.

And some photos stolen from my friend Molly:
The gorgeous bride, Sarah, walking down the isle. She was seriously stunning.

It's official!

With the handsome groom, our friend Tj. 

A huge group of all my college friends at the bar after the wedding. Love these people.

And no night is complete without dancing on stage at the piano bar. (3 of us up there were kid-free moms for the evening and taking FULL advantage of it!)

It was a great weekend to just let all the stress of all this moving business just melt away. It was a much needed recharge and gosh, I miss all of my friends. Oh, and the boys had a pretty kick ass weekend with daddy, and looked significantly older when I got back. 

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!