sensory bowl {toddler activity}

I've been making an extra effort to come up with activities to do with the boys each day that keeps them engaged, entertained and hopefully learning something. We're at a difficult age because they're frustrated easily, have fairly short attention spans and can't do some of the more complex activities bigger kids can do.There isn't much information about activities to do with pre-pre-school kids out there. 

Sensory activities are so important for toddlers, especially ones learning to talk. They're wired to explore the world with their hands, and something as simple as playing with stones or noodles or what ever simple object you may have, does wonders for them. It also gives you an opportunity to talk about new feelings, senses, objects and experiences with your toddlers. And as we all know about toddlers, they're like little sponges, soaking up so much from every experience. 

This activity had the boys playing for close to an hour. (This is unheard of at our house.) They loved them so much, if they see them on the counter they ask for me to get them down to play more. Well, the whiney version of asking.

- bowls (I used glass because it's all we have here) I'd recommend plastic tupperware bowl.
- decorative glass stones, beads or anything else fun and colorful

I put a little water in both bowls, filled them with stones and just let the boys at it. I eventually put a towel down on the floor because it got slippery but other than that, they were so entertained. We got extra cups out and let them transfer to different cups and whatnot. We even used a Starbucks cup holder to try and learn how to organize by color. (Was a fail, but we tried!)

*IMPORTANT REMINDER* These are choking hazards, so obviously, don't allow your kids to play with these without close supervision. I had to tell them a few times at the beginning that these don't go in the mouth, but they got the point after a little bit. 

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