on finding a home base

after a long day of house searching in San Francisco

We're house searching once again. I didn't think I'd find myself going through this whole process twice in the same year. One huge advantage we have over our search in Portland is that we're actually living in the area we're searching, whereas with our last search we were trying to find something remotely in a city we knew little about. When I get frustrated, I just remember this fact to make it a little better.

You guys, moving is a lot of work, even when you have movers and realtors and temporary housing. It just straight up drains everything from you and everything in life seems to be focused on it. I've felt like a broken record this year but I'm ready to just be in our house. I know there are worse problems to have in the world than all of these blessings we've been dealing with but it's all relative, you know?

My sister-in-law watched the boys on Saturday so we could see some of San Francisco with a realtor. She showed us a few houses and we found one that we really liked, it feels really far from Chikezie's work but everything around here just seems like it's going to be that way. We applied and crossed our fingers.

On Sunday we toured a couple of houses in the South Bay area, much closer to work. We immediately loved this house, applied and are just waiting to hear back. I always get so paranoid during the waiting process. Renting houses these days is so competitive, so we're still working on finding as many options as we can incase some don't pan out. But I mean, look at this place:
It's pretty much completely remodeled. Everything is brand new and fresh and clean, just the way i like it. Even new sod in the front and back yards. There are 2 garden boxes in the back, and a little patio area off the kitchen. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but last night before bed I found myself imagining how I was going to organize boxes to start unpacking there. I thought about the boys riding their bikes outside. I thought of trick-or-treaters coming to our front door. 

I'm ready for stability and for life to slow down a little bit. We really don't realize how important a home base is until we don't have one. 

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