learning to be alone

I love finding the boys playing alone. I encourage alone time play daily by getting them interested in different things in different rooms and just cross my fingers that they stay there. Most singleton kids get plenty of alone time and their parents are encouraging time with other children. The boys already have that down. They do just fine among other kids, but I don't want them to start relying on each other for everything.

I grew up without siblings for 11 years. I think all that alone time provided the perfect opportunity for me to grow my very active imagination. I'd like to think I'm a more creative and independent person because of that. I want the boys to be comfortable alone. When you're born with a built in best friend, sometimes it's hard to let that friend go when you need to do things alone.Julian has definitely been asserting his own personal space bubble lately, not letting Isaiah just take toys from him and sometimes just wants to be left the heck alone. 

Someday we'll have to decide whether to put them in the same classroom or separate them, put them in the same bedroom or separate them. For now we'll just do baby steps, working on solo play each day. Plus, after a few minutes of silence, they're right back at it:

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