if you're outfit challenged like me...

I'm headed to Iowa for a wedding in a couple of weekends and decided to order a dress on Modcloth, THIS dress to be exact:


Dress   (see more sheer dresses)

After I ordered the dress I had no idea what I would wear with it. I mean, I'm good at shopping for things individually but when it comes to putting together a whole outfit, it's not one of my strong points. 

I saw on the ModCloth website that you can make an appointment with a stylist for free, so I thought what the hey, maybe they'd have some good advice. I was a little apprehensive because you know how these things go; you never get a reply back or something extremely generic.

I was completely wrong. I got a thoughtful response from a ModCloth stylist within a couple of days and a whole inspiration board showing me what it would all look like together:

I mean, how cute is the outfit? I'm loving the black jacket and love the sleeve length. I'm going to try and find a lookalike in a store here so I can try it all on, but will probably end up getting that jacket anyways. The other accessories I may not get from ModCloth (because I'm really picky about those) but I love the ideas she's given me so I can find things along those lines on my own. 

Moral of the story: Try ModCloth stylist advice if you're outfit challenged like myself. They'll point you in a great direction based on some questions you answer about yourself. And no, no compensation or affiliation with ModCloth for this post...I just was impressed with my experience!

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