two generations of twins.

Can I just talk about how much I love my husband and brother-in-law? They are by far the most awesome set of twins I've ever known. (besides the boys, duh) They compliment each other in so many ways, are very different in some aspects but are really one half of each other. They both seem more relaxed and at home when they're together. 

There are things that I'll say to my husband that he just won't understand or agree with but his brother can say the same exact thing to him and it's the best advice he's gotten. It's just different with him, and I always wish we lived closer so Chikezie could get a more regular twin-recharge. When my husband has a problem that I know I can't solve, the first thing I find myself saying is, "You need to call your brother."

The boys with one of their younger sisters.

Their relationship gives me a wonderful preview of what I expect the boys' relationship to be like when they're older and it makes my heart so happy. They were born with a built in best friend, and I feel this is particularly true with sets of male twins. Girls can be so catty and bitchy to each other, even as sisters. Boys just tend to not have those issues with each other and from what I've seen, get along better.

I can't wait to watch both sets of twins in my life as they grow and change. I love watching these relationships change as they grow older and the bonds just close tighter. I feel so blessed that we weren't completely unprepared for twins, that my husband is an expert on having a twin brother and can be a example to the boys or someone to talk to when they might have problems with being a twin in the future. (I know how competitive boys can be and I know how competitive multiples can be with each other. )

And seeing photos like this just completely tug at my heart strings. These two little guys really are so blessed.

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