a trip to the park with two sets of twins.

While our family was here visiting, we made a little trip over to the park 2 blocks from our house. I LOVE living so close to this huge place. It's close enough that I can let the boys walk over there with me instead of pushing them in the stroller. They're learning to hold hands when crossing the street (even though I have to fight them most of the time) and the walk there and back wears them out. 

I feel like having a toddler is similar to having a puppy. You have to walk them or they'll tear apart your house. We wore them out. We also let them try pull ups, and had a world record time on the swings, which would previously hold their attention for all of 30 seconds.

And as you'll see, the big boys had just as much fun as the little ones. Men. *eye roll*

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